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The PIT Idaho is a mixed martial arts gym where people of all ages, sizes, and abilities learn, practice, and enjoy the most effective martial arts and fitness program. We have something for everyone in the Treasure Valley! Here at The PIT Idaho, you'll learn practical martial arts while getting into peak physical condition.

Our workouts are "old-school tough," effective, unique, ever changing, and fun. Most important of all, the gym is family focused and becomes an extended family to yours. Whether you're looking to get in the best shape of your life, lose weight, learn how to defend yourself, earn a black belt, or just have fun, The PIT Idaho in Boise/Treasure Valley welcomes you to the Ohana.

Martial Arts for Everyone

The PIT is truly for everyone - all ages, sizes, and abilities. Learn a practical martial art while getting in shape, adding variety into your routine, and most importantly having fun.

Practical for Self Defense

We train with this in mind: safety, health, confidence, integrity, and to never bully others but never be bullied. You'll learn practical martial arts techniques while getting into peak physical condition.

Family Focused Environment

The PIT Idaho is family focused and becomes an extended family to yours. We encourage you to bring your children to take classes, and even watch you take yours! We welcome you to the Ohana.

The PIT has been a tremendous addition to my life. Kumu Cruz and Sophie run a great operation and have created a family-like atmosphere where we can go and put the work in. The training is top notch, Kumu Cruz’s vast experience shines through every time he provides instruction helping us to get better every class. Training with this crew has been one of the best fitness decisions I’ve made.

Brandon S.

My son has found a new passion at The PIT. I've never seen him work so hard at something. Every week he gets worked to his maximum capacity, sometimes even shedding a few tears and yet every week he still looks forward to returning. Glad we found you guys!

Joanna C.

Joining The PIT was the best decision I’ve ever made. Everyone who attends the gym, Sophie, and Cruz are all so supportive, encouraging, and treat everyone like family. I started out not being able to do a single push up on my first day to now considering going twice a day because I can’t get enough of the adrenaline and pure happiness and pride I feel after each class. Totally recommend The PIT!

Andie W.

The PIT Is a place for everyone. Since starting the Hawaiian Kempo program here, I have more confidence and have gotten stronger. It gave me a hobby, goals, and a family.

Miryssa V.

My 4 kids and I have been coming to The PIT for a short time, but we feel like Ohana! Kumu Cruz & Kumu Sophie make everyone feel welcome, no matter your skill level. Thank you for everything, we love you!

Rachel M.

I signed my boys up for Kids Hawaiian Kempo classes at The PIT just to try it out, and I joined a month later. BEST DECISION EVER!! I’ve watched my boys’ confidence grow in these classes as they push themselves to try harder. The instruction is truly top notch and personal. We love going to class because The PIT isn’t just a gym, it’s a family!

Monica M.

The PIT has been a great experience for both of my kids. My son who is 5 is in the Peewees Hawaiian Kempo class, and my daughter, 13, is in the Kids Hawaiian Kempo class. They both love going to class every week! The gym is a family friendly environment with welcoming members. Cruz & Sophie are wonderful instructors. They will push your kids to do and be their best both in and outside of the gym.

Katie K.

There aren’t any repetitive boring workouts here! The attitude that everyone enters is family, Ohana, and is evident from your first visit. I continue to come to class because I get an awesome workout, the instructors are inspiring and caring, and The PIT is a great place to share some camaraderie.

Bob W.

Cruz & Sophie are amazing instructors! They not only have made me feel welcome and comfortable in each class, they push me to do my best and to continue to improve. I have lost weight, gotten stronger, and achieved physical feats I never thought possible. The PIT is definitely the best program I’ve encountered in the area.

Monica B.

I started doing fitness kickboxing at The PIT through their Women’s Bootcamp. I was nervous to start because I was out of shape, and had never done anything like that before. From the moment I walked in I knew this was going to be different than the usual gym and workout experience. Sophie & Cruz are welcoming & encouraging, they keep class interesting so you’re never bored, and continue to teach technique so you’re always learning. I can feel myself getting stronger and I have more energy and feel so much better about myself. I can’t imagine my life without The PIT now.

Kim B.

I started with The PIT's Women's Bootcamp.  I am 47 and overweight and was reluctant to do it, afraid of being judged.  But The PIT is a judge free zone. I felt stronger by the end of the six weeks and decided to stay a member! Sophie and Cruz push you to do your best without being drill sergeants. Believe it or not you can push people to do their best and still be nice.  I am now able to do sits ups and pushups. My blood pressure was 139 over 92 and I was on the verge of being put on blood pressure medication.  Now my blood pressure is normal.  I went into this journey with the main goal of losing weight.  But more importantly I am stronger, healthier and my blood pressure is normal!

Kimberly B.

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