The PIT was started in 1985 in Woodland Hills, CA by John Hackleman. He started The PIT because he wanted people to learn a no nonsense martial arts and conditioning program. All he asks is that you give Kempo and The PIT the respect and loyalty it gives you. Confidence, loyalty, and humility are what he expects from all PIT Monsters. Some of the world's best fighters have trained at The PIT . John  now operates The PIT out of Arroyo Grande, CA: He stresses mental and physical conditioning, power and discipline. His classes are upbeat and fun, yet very tough. He combines his 25 years of Karate/Kickboxing experience to teach a blend of simple, yet effective fighting and training techniques.


The PIT has a practical, functional, tested and proven, effective, all-inclusive, always evolving, self -contained, multidisciplinary approach to martial arts and fitness. The PIT is "Old School" yet cutting edge, simple yet difficult, physical yet cerebral, routine yet never boring, very serious yet always upbeat and fun, traditional yet progressive. Never be a bully, yet never tolerate being bullied. Always be confident, yet never cocky.

Hawaiian Kempo philosophy is simple: use what works, discard what doesn't. The only way to get into top shape (both physical and mental) is by training very intensely, and leaving your comfort zone often. The only way to improve is through an open mind and countless repetitions. The PIT evolved into one of the world's most famous and respected marital arts and fitness gyms in the world.

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